About the Artist

Reginaldo Candido has been painting his entire life.  Art is his passion, and he is happy as long as he is creating beautiful art.  He has painted hundreds of oil paintings of all shapes and sizes, and he is often working on 2 or 3 at a time.  He says his inspiration comes from beautiful scenes of nature, where he says his creations come from his personal feelings of peace, longing, loneliness, awe, and passion.

Reginaldo and his family live in the small rural neighborhood of Boa Vista (Beautiful View), in Icara, south Brazil.  He supports his wife Sandra and two children Leonardo (yes, after the artist) and Sarah by doing agricultural work, but his passion is for painting.  His family lives a simple life in Brazil, spending most of their time at home creating art.  Reginaldo has had some small success selling paintings in his home town, but he has found many people in this hardworking community just don't have the extra money to buy art.

The Candido's simple home is bursting with beautiful paintings, hanging on every empty wall.  Reginaldo has an extensive collection of art books and prints, and has studied oil painting techniques for years.  He prefers to paint in a classic style, with focus on realistic perspective and creative use of color.

His favorite subjects are natural scenes, many of which he envisions from photographs or scenes in movies.  He has also painted some very beautiful pieces inspired by scenes in colonial Brazil.  Reginaldo does not do portraits, claiming he is "no good" at painting faces.  He does not choose favorites among paintings; he loves each and truly puts his soul into each one.

Reginaldo is so excited to have people all over the world see his work.  He hopes some of you will find a painting you truly love and enjoy.  So see Reginaldo's work currently for sale, please visit our Etsy shop:


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