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I am a twenty-something girl from Pittsburgh, PA, who works full time doing engineering, but enjoy travel, reading, art, and photography in my limited spare time.  I also have two adorable kitties, Kiki and Freddie.  I am one of those lucky ladies to have found myself an amazing Brazilian fiance, Roberto.  I could not ask for a better companion!  We met here in the US and have been traveling together ever since.

When Roberto told me he has a cousin "who paints," I didn't think much of it.  Then I saw some of his beautiful work, and I was hooked.  My first visit to Brazil I returned home with two full sized canvas paintings, one small framed scene, and a handful of adorable small tiles.

This painting is my absolute favorite, and NOT for sale!  In my living room above my couch.

Reginaldo told us how he was so excited to have me, an American, take his painting home.  He thought it was really neat that his work was being enjoyed so far from home.  This made Roberto and I wonder if we could possibly help him sell his art online, to reach a wide variety of customers.

Reginaldo does not speak English, or have internet, or have ANY experience with selling online.  So, we take care of those details while he concentrates on creating beautiful paintings.  I do the online stuff, while Roberto takes care of inventory and shipping.

I vaguely knew about Etsy, but a sweet friend from work over at Creek Bed Threads was starting to have some success on the site and gave me lots of ideas to get started.

So on my next trip to Brazil, we took tons of photographs, and an inventory of all the paintings.

After I painstakingly edited all the shots, I began posting some for sale.  We are still very new, but I am hoping we can reach some people who love Reginaldo's work as much as Roberto and I do.

So officially I guess Reginaldo is my Future-Cousin-in-Law.  But believe me, he is family already!  I am so excited to be helping him share his beautiful work with people.

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