Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Left Behind

This poor painting is getting left behind in Etsy views, so I want to give it a little love!

This piece is titled "Neuvas da Manha" in Portuguese, or Morning Fog. Reg kept explaining to me his "perspecTIVE" while we looked over this painting. He showed me where the light would be coming from and how he made it realistic with the light and shadows.

While I photographed, he pointed out how he carefully painted the light so it danced on the trees and rocks, and created shadows to portray the morning sun just rising up over the mountains.

I love the waterfall as a focal point - I can almost feel the cool mountain water running over the rocks, not quite in the sunlight just yet. It's still cold and un-tame this time of day, before the sunlight warms and brightens it up. Gives me a little chill, I must admit.

The fog is lifting and soon it will be a bright and beautiful day, but this is a special moment. This is the moment where the shadows have not yet retreated, and the eerie fog has not quite risen. I think the painting captures that special moment where the morning light is sacred, almost not of this world.

I hope you enjoy this work as much as I do!


  1. Lovely work! I am the WORST at landscapes but I love looking at them!

  2. Beautiful! The little red trees in the background and hanging over the river look especially good.

  3. Thats painting is really beautiful!