Monday, February 15, 2010

Real Life Etsy!

I got out of the cold for a few days and spent this past weekend in Laguna Beach, California. This adorable little seaside town just south of Los Angeles is full of quaint little art shops, galleries, decor stores, vintage shops, and cute restaurants. I had a great time wandering around the streets, thinking Laguna Beach was like a real life Etsy! There were arts and crafts of all shapes, sizes, and designs. It's a beautiful setting for some very inspiring pieces!

This window display was in a store full of little hand-painted Russian nesting dolls. There were dolls of all designs and sizes, including this owl display.

This was the studio gallery of artist Wyland, who is famous for his marine life art and whale walls. His work is quite beautiful!

This gallery had a nice variety of paintings.

I especially enjoyed this artist's work. Argentine painter Fabian Perez. I found his art to be very passionate.

This adorable little restaurant courtyard caught my eye. This kind of outdoor space is very popular in the area. Many patios and courtyards also have nooks with chairs surrounding pretty little fire pits.

This little home decor shop had so many whimsical pieces for your place! I especially enjoyed the garden inspired items.

Laguna Beach is a lovely place to visit, and is especially nice for those that appreciate arts, boutique shops, and creative stores and restaurants. As a bonus, you can't beat the scenery, with the beautiful blue Pacific crashing in the background.

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