Friday, February 19, 2010

Etsy Finds - Feline Edition!

I keep finding so many fun things on Etsy that it's hard to choose what I want to feature. Since I haven't figured out how to make a treasury just yet, I wanted to feature a few things I've been drooling over lately!

This week's theme: The Cats of Etsy!

I am a big cat lover, with two kitties of my own, Kiki and Freddie. I love meeting new cats, and even volunteer at a local shelter to socialize (play with) the homeless kitties so they will be more adoptable :). I enjoy picking up little kitty cat knick knacks here and there, and love browsing Etsy for cute cats too.

Stained Glass Suncatcher

I absolutely love this orange kitty suncatcher over at livingglassart. I think the piece really captures this pretty kitty's personality and I love the design.

If cats aren't your thing (then you probably haven't even read this far) this shop makes tons of other styles of stained glass suncatchers.

Vinyl Decal

You just get the backside of this fat tabby cat. My kitties do the same thing when they are mad at me... Too cute! HouseHoldWords makes lots of fun decals like this and also takes custom orders!

Beaded Choker

I love this one by Gilliauna. This silver plated kitty cat makes the most adorable necklace!

Cat Toy!

Here's one FOR the kitties! I just love this little leopard print catnip mouse over at Doodlebug Duds. My cats go nuts for little mice like these! I love how this one is fuzzy!

Ok, one more!


I think this ACEO reproduction of an original watercolor piece totally captures the essence of a "street" cat! christydekoning's shop has the ACEOs priced to sell at just $5, with a special offer of 3 for $10. She has lots of others to choose from!

I hope you enjoy these Etsy kitty cats as much as I did!


  1. All the cats are so cute! I especially love Christy's ACEO!! She is one talented lady!!

  2. What a wonderful post! Thank you so much for including us. *Smile*

  3. Lots of cute kitties :) Thanks so much for blogging about my vinyl decal chubby cat.

    (come over and visit my blog sometime, too)

  4. Thanks everyone! Yea, I love them all.
    @manon doyle I do think the ACEO looks like a stray cat you'd see in any city!

  5. Yea for kitties. Thank so much for including my fat orange tabby. I love the ACEO-the kitty reminds me of one a momma cat in my neighborhood.

  6. that vinyl cat decal is too funny.
    love it!
    thanks for the feature today :-)

  7. just found your lovely blog, happy blogging